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Lichtblick buys photovoltaic project developer Solargrün

The photovoltaic project developer Solargrün, founded in 2020 and based in Saulheim near Mainz, will now be a 100 percent subsidiary of Lichtblick, but will remain as an independent company. The team consists of 21 permanent employees who have implemented over 120 solar projects in Germany with a total volume of over 1,300 MW, according to the press release.

According to Lichtblick, there are currently a good 100 projects in Solargrün's project pipeline with an output of around 3,000 MW. In the coming months, Solargrün is expected to bring the first of these solar parks for Lichtblick to the point where they are ready for construction.

Lichtblick is working on building its own photovoltaics and wind energy portfolio. In the summer, the Hamburg green electricity provider bought half of the shares in the project developer Eventus Wind, as Solarserver reported.


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