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Lichtblick Integrates Previous Installation into its 'Energy-as-a-Service' Portfolio

With the conversion, the company wants to combine all steps from offering a photovoltaic system through its installation to networking with the electricity market in one company. Installation, which was taken over a year ago, will be merged with the Lichtblick “Energy as a Service” business unit to form its own company on April 1st.

In April last year, the green energy provider Lichtblick took over the Cologne installation start-up Installion . The stated goal at the time was for Installion to take over the planning, installation and maintenance of Lichtblick's “SolarPackage” with its twelve so-called assembly hubs nationwide. A year later, people are obviously satisfied with this division of work; on April 1st, Installationion will be merged with the Lichtblick “Energy as a Service” division to form its own company.

The management of the future Lichtblick Energy as a Service (EAAS) GmbH will be taken over by Nina Waffenschmidt, previously Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Installion and now in the same position, and Heike Löffler as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), previously responsible for Energy as a Service area of ​​Lichtblick. Chief Operating Officer (COO) Daniel Kehler remains responsible for operational business. Florian Meyer-Delpho, the founder and current CEO of Installion, will remain with the company in an advisory role “on an interim basis,” according to a company statement. With the merger, Lichtblick is now “one of the most innovative full-service providers capable of delivering nationwide,” says Meyer-Delpho, and can offer private and commercial customers energy solutions “including assembly capacities”.

Lichtblick sees the prosumer business with solar systems, batteries and heat pumps as a core element in “offering customers holistic solutions for a climate-neutral life”. The aim of the reorganization is to offer “all services from a single source” in this area, says Nina Waffenschmidt. In a dynamic market, it is “more necessary than ever that we act at high speed, can make decisions quickly and that the interfaces function smoothly.”

The “solar package” from Lichtblick includes a photovoltaic system, home storage, wallbox and energy management system. In addition, there is the option called “StromWallet” for staggered consumption of self-generated electricity by feeding it into the grid and purchasing it back. In addition, in the future, customers' systems will be connected to form a virtual power plant, which is being developed by the Lichtblick subsidiary Ison.

According to its own information, Lichtblick supplies more than 1.7 million people as an integrated supplier with its own generation, solar, mobility and heat offerings and services. The subsidiary of the Dutch energy group Eneco achieved sales of 1.34 billion euros in the 2022/2023 financial year.


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