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Linde to supply renewable energy in Brazil

Linde is all set to supply renewable energy in projects in Brazil through its subsidiary White Martins.

The company announced that it has signed two agreements in Brazil for the same. The company entered into agreements to secure more than 2 million MWh per year of renewable energy.

It informed that supply has commenced from the Futura I Solar Complex, which is one of the largest photovoltaic plants in Latin America, and the Chuí Wind Farm located in Rio Grande do Sul.

According to Linde, its global active renewable energy will grow by more than 60%.

It comes at a time when the company has set a commitment to double the purchase of low carbon energy by 2028. It has set an absolute greenhouse gas reduction target for 2035 and a climate neutrality goal for 2050.

A local report mentioned, “Linde estimates that its solutions, technologies, and services help its customers to avoid more than two times the emissions generated by all of Linde’s own operations.”

As per Gilney Bastos, President of South America, Linde, the company has clear climate targets with a commitment to actively increase its use of renewable energy.


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