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Marine and WavEC to deploy modular floating offshore wind platform technology in Portugal

Marine Power Systems and WavEC have entered into a partnership to deploy modular floating offshore wind platform technology in Portugal.

The duo has already signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the project in the northern region. The companies plan to explore opportunities through the implementation of Marine Power System’s technology in Portugal.

The project will demonstrate modular floating platform technology.

According to the companies, the partnership will “generate a two-way bridge for sharing data and optimising the deployment of MPS technology in Portuguese waters.”

To be noted, Portugal has set a commitment to offshore wind with a target of 10GW of capacity by 2030. A report had earlier stated, “90% of the 131GW offshore wind potential identified in Portugal is dependent on floating foundations as opposed to fixed bottom turbines.”

Marine Power Systems chief executive Gareth Stockman was quoted, "Our technology has been designed to optimise local content delivery through a decentralised logistics model, and these benefits help utility scale developers minimise costs whilst maximising local economic benefits and accelerating industrial scale farm development.”

He further stated that company is excited to be working in Portugal.

Meanwhile, WavEC chief executive Marco Alves commented, "For many years now WavEC (and Portugal) has been a leader in promoting marine renewable energies, both from technology and market development standpoints. We always welcome companies to test and demonstrate their technologies in an open deep-water Atlantic coast environment as the one in Viana do Castelo.”


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