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Germany: Monthly solar market value decreased in December 2023

The monthly solar market value fell last December to its lowest level since May 2023. This emerges from calculations by the transmission system operators. Accordingly, the market value of solar in December was 6.592 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) of solar power. In the previous month it was around 8.5 cents/kWh. Compared to December 2022, when the monthly solar market value was around 24.7 cents/kWh, there is a particularly significant decline. The reason is the falling electricity prices on the stock exchange. The transmission system operators give the December spot market price as 6.852 cents/kWh.

The monthly market values for wind energy have also fallen significantly. They are well below the spot market price. Onshore wind power only cost 4.409 cents/kWh. The market value was last lower in May 2021. The monthly market value for offshore wind power fell to 5.562 cents/kWh in December 2023. This is also the lowest value since May 2021.

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