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Morocco's ONCF to switch 90% of its trains to green energy

Morocco’s National Railways Office (ONCF) has declared that starting from the early part of 2024, 90% of its electric trains have effectively shifted to utilizing “green” energy.

Originally targeting 25% of trains on renewable energy, the ONCF has surpassed this goal, with 90% of electric trains now operating on electricity generated from wind power.

This achievement contributes to ONCF’s broader objective of achieving carbon neutrality by 2035, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

The ONCF has implemented various eco-friendly initiatives, including ISO certification for rail sites, impact studies for major projects, an annual carbon footprint assessment, the adoption of an eco-driving system, and the incorporation of photovoltaic (solar) energy technologies in buildings and stations.

In January 2024, ONCF received certification for its MAD 1 billion ($99 thousand) green bond, reinforcing its dedication to low-carbon, sustainable transportation and aligning with the “Green Bonds Framework.” Morocco, as a nation, has shown a strong commitment to renewable energy, with projections indicating a substantial increase in green energy investments by 2027.

Energy Minister Leila Benali emphasized the government’s focus on stimulating private sector investment in the green energy sector, anticipating a fourfold increase compared to the 2009-2022 period.


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