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Murcia Unveils 88 kW Photovoltaic Project for Four Municipal Buildings

The French company TotalEnergies and the Murcian company Soltec have signed an agreement with the Murcia City Council for a total of 88 kW that should generate more than 176,000 kWh per year.

This project involves the construction of self-consumption photovoltaic installations on the roofs of four municipal buildings: the La Alberca Auditorium, the Alquerías Social Center, the Monteagudo Senior Center and the Los Martínez del Puerto Municipal Center.

TotalEnergies and Soltec are currently developing the Luminora Solar 2 park in the municipality, with an installed power of 200 MW, and Luminora Solar 3, with an installed power of 90 MW. The agreement includes both the installation of the solar panels and maintenance throughout their useful life, estimated at more than 35 years.

This agreement with the Murcia City Council joins other similar initiatives that TotalEnergies and Soltec already have in the Region of Murcia, such as those signed with non-profit entities such as the Red Cross, Salud Mental Molina y Comarca (AFESMO) and the Association for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASTRADE).

Both companies have a joint portfolio of solar energy projects of around 489 MW in development, parks under construction such as Los Valientes or La Isla, and facilities already in operation such as La Asomada, in Cartagena.


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