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mylight150 Introduces Residential Battery Solution

MySmartBattery is a virtual energy storage solution designed by French manufacturer mylight150 , which offers various functionalities, such as optimizing battery charging and discharging according to solar production and home electrical demand.

Additionally, the company says, MySmartBattery is designed to integrate with other mylight150 products and services, such as solar panels and energy management systems.


“MySmartBattery uses advanced algorithms to efficiently manage battery charging and discharging,” Ondine Suavet, CEO of mylight150.

“MySmartBattery integrates seamlessly with mylight150 solar panel systems, allowing users to maximize the use of the energy generated by their photovoltaic panels.”

On the other hand, it is possible to expand the system by adding more batteries as necessary. Users can control and monitor the performance of the MySmartBattery through a mobile application or online platform, allowing them to optimize the use of solar energy efficiently.

The battery also allows you to monitor its charge level at all times, check the amount of energy available, and supervise each charge and discharge. In addition, users can view the origin of their consumption and the destination of their solar production, and through their application control the bill at all times.

“With the launch of MySmartBattery in Spain, we reaffirm our commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for Spanish homes. This new technology not only allows users to reduce their electricity bill, but also simplifies the process by eliminating complicated conversions between kilowatt hours and the variety of prices in euros. The solution we offer is simple: one kilowatt hour stored corresponds to one kilowatt hour that can be consumed later, without complications or confusion,” Suavet concluded.


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