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New RE alternatives investment strategy in South Africa by Westbrooke

Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management has announced the launch of its new Renewable Energy Alternatives investment strategy “Westbrooke REAL” in South Africa.

Westbrooke is a leading South African alternative investment manager.

According to the company, Westbrooke REAL “provides investors with access to a portfolio of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects underpinned by long-term cash flows through power purchase agreements concluded with high-quality end-users.”

Its focus is on commercial, industrial and agricultural solar PV systems.

The latest strategy aims to “invest in and partner with small and medium-scale embedded generation solar projects and allow investors to participate in the returns generated by such projects which are enhanced by tax incentives,” a local report mentioned.

According to Dino Zuccollo, Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management’s Head of Product Development and Distribution, the company plans to become a key equity funder to green energy solar projects in the country by providing funding solutions to a crisis of energy availability.

It has been informed that the clients are likely to get a full return of their investments within a maximum 2-year period, while the investors remain invested in a high-quality solar project with attractive yields of up to 20 years.

This strategy will be using the South African government’s attractive Section 12B tax deduction.

“The timing for the launch of the strategy is opportune, for both investors and solar asset owners alike,” Saul Maserow, Fund Manager of the Westbrooke Real strategy was quoted.

It comes at a time when South Africa’s energy demands far surpass its supply. The country’s small-scale solar PV embedded generation capacity is likely to reach a total capacity of 7.5GW by 2035.


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