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Opdenergy signs financing of 82.6 million for two photovoltaic projects in the United States

Opdenergy has closed a green investment credit agreement worth 82.6 million euros to develop two photovoltaic plants in the United States. One of them will be the Blake plant, located in Jefferson County, in the state of West Virginia, with an installed capacity of 100 megawatts (MW) and the other will be the Elizabeth plant, located in Allen Parish, in the state of Louisiana, with a power of 160 MW. The objective, as reported by Opdenergy, is to improve the capital structure of Opdenergy's assets in the United States through this financing signed with BBVA and the ICO.

It is estimated that both plants will prevent the annual release of 260,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, according to the latest emission factors published by the EPA, which is the equivalent of the annual circulation of 57,000 combustion cars or the consumption of more of 43,000 homes, according to equivalent consumption published by the US EIA. BBVA, which acts as a financing entity together with the ICO, leads the operation as coordinating bank and agent of the operation and in front of Cesce.

The Green Investment Policy of the insurance company, for its part, is a type of coverage under which coverage is granted to credits granted to Spanish companies for the financing of projects or activities that comply with the requirements set out in European regulations for be considered green operations. Its objective is to encourage investment by Spanish companies abroad.

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