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Orsted to begin commercial operations of 1300MW offshore wind farm

Orsted is all set to begin the full commercial operations of 1300MW Hornsea 2 offshore wind farm.

This has been regarded as the world's largest offshore wind farm in service. The wind farm is located 89km off the Yorkshire Coast in the UK.

According to the company, the 1.3GW project consists of 165 wind turbines. The project is expected to help power over 1.4 million households.

Along with the project Hornsea 1, the duo has a capacity to power 2.5 million homes. The projects are expected to make a significant contribution to UK’s target of having 50GW offshore wind in operation by 2030. 

Meanwhile, this project will be followed by Hornsea 3, the 2.8GW project.

The company believes that Hornsea 2 is important to help the company achieve 30GW offshore wind by 2030.

Orsted vice president of UK programme Patrick Harnett remarked, "To build the world’s largest offshore windfarm during a global pandemic has been a challenge that the team have overcome with flying colours.”

According to the company, it secured major contracts with nearly 200 UK suppliers in the last 5 years with £4.5bn investment so far. It has a plan of further investment of £8.6bn over the next decade.

Among many, the company has 13 offshore wind farms in the UK, which are in operation and able to provide 6.2GW of renewable power.


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