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Philippines, Indonesia leaders discuss energy transition, strengthening bilateral ties

In a recent telephone conversation, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. extended his congratulations to Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto, who is leading in the country’s presidential elections. Both leaders expressed their commitment to strengthening the bilateral ties between the Philippines and Indonesia.

President Marcos highlighted the longstanding relationship between the two countries, dating back over 70 years to the formal establishment of bilateral ties on November 24, 1949. He emphasized the growth of traditional ties and expressed interest in exploring new possibilities with Prabowo.

During the call, Prabowo conveyed his anticipation of working with the Marcos administration to enhance the bilateral relations between the Philippines and Indonesia. He expressed interest in understanding President Marcos’s thoughts and conveyed his desire to meet in person soon.

President Marcos expressed the Philippines’ willingness to collaborate with Indonesia, particularly in areas such as energy transition, green metals, and energy production. He mentioned that some Indonesian companies have already invested in the Philippines.

President Marcos also expressed hope that the incoming Indonesian president would continue the positive relationship established between his administration and the outgoing Indonesian President Joko Widodo. Prabowo assured President Marcos that he would build upon the rich ties between the two countries.

Prabowo extended his best regards to the family of President Marcos and expressed his eagerness to meet him in person to personally convey his congratulations as the incoming Indonesian president. The leaders affirmed their commitment to furthering cooperation and collaboration for the mutual benefit of both nations.


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