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PNOC partners with WindStream for renewable hybrid in Philippines

The Philippine National Oil Co. (PNOC) has entered into a partnership with WindStream Energy Technologies India Pvt Ltd., an Indian renewable energy solutions provider, to implement hybrid renewable technology systems in the Philippines.

PNOC and WindStream have recently agreed to implement SolarMill technologies, which integrate wind and solar energy systems, in small island communities across the nation.

The hybridization technology system, developed by Windstream Energy Technologies, is described as a modular and scalable energy solution capable of integrating solar energy and wind turbine wind magnet generators, PNOC stated in a press release on Monday.

PNOC, serving as the corporate arm of the Department of Energy, oversees the exploration of the Philippines’ indigenous oil and the development of all energy resources.

Founded in 2013, Windstream Energy Technologies provides hybrid renewable energy systems to approximately 38 countries.

PNOC highlighted that utilizing the SolarMill will expedite the government’s electrification objective due to its compact size, facilitating easier deployment and installation in remote areas.

The collaboration is also anticipated to bolster the hybridization program of the National Power Corporation for its small power utility group in off-grid areas.

“By combining diesel-powered generation with solar and wind power, the initiative aims to improve energy access and sustainability in off-grid communities,” PNOC stated.


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