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Puma Energy Acquires 49% Stake In MBHE Group, Bolstering Renewable Energy Solutions In Southern Africa

Global energy giant Puma Energy has made a significant move in the renewable energy sector by acquiring a 49% stake in MBHE Group, a leading provider of renewable energy solutions in southern Africa. The strategic partnership is in line with Puma Energy’s mission to energize communities and support industrial and commercial clients in their transition to fully integrated renewable energy solutions. MBHE specializes in designing, supplying, installing, and operating solar PV systems and battery technology across diverse sectors, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, heavy industry, and mining.

The collaboration aims to drive expansion by granting MBHE access to new customers and unlocking financial facilities to develop its pipeline of projects. Key growth opportunities in southern Africa include the installation of solar PV systems, Battery Energy Storage solutions, and off-grid solar PV plants. The partnership will enhance MBHE’s ability to secure power purchase agreements, facilitating the development of projects with long-term Power Purchase Agreements.

Werner van Wyk, MBHE Financial Director, emphasized that the partnership enables them to maintain an aggressive growth strategy, offering energy as a service. The collaboration provides a unique advantage, allowing them to offer holistic solar and energy storage solutions with robust technical and financial support, while also tapping into a larger market through Puma’s extensive footprint and network of commercial and industrial clients in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Shamsher Singh, Puma Energy’s Head of Solar for Africa, stated, “Puma Energy is committed to its purpose of energizing communities and helping our customers and partners reduce their carbon emissions and prepare for the future of energy. Our partnership with MBHE will help realize that vision across southern Africa, where many of Puma Energy’s industrial and commercial customers are actively seeking renewable energy solutions. MBHE’s impressive pipeline of projects is expected to drive substantial growth in the coming years.”


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