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Renewable energy makes up 50.8% of Spain’s electricity mix

Renewable energy has made up 50.8% of Spain’s electricity mix this year, as per the latest official figures. This has risen from a 42.2% share last year.


The total renewable energy generation topped 135,000 GWh this year, up from 116,695 GWh in 2022.


According to the Energy Transition Minister Teresa Ribera, more than half of the electricity in Spain now comes from renewable energy sources.


The latest development comes as Spain has made substantial investments in solar and wind capacity over the last decade. This is expected to further grow in coming years.


Not just that, the country has also outpaced other European markets in the deployment of solar and wind power capacity.


Today, Spain secures second position in onshore wind installations, after Germany, which has already crossed the 50% renewable electricity milestone this year.


As per the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research, ZSW, and the German Association of Energy and Water Industries, BDEW, the share of renewable energy sources in Germany’s gross electricity generation reached almost 53% this year.


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