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Reon Energy and Arabian Yemen Cement partner on renewable microgrid

Clean technology company Reon Energy has announced a strategic partnership with Arabian Yemen Cement Co Ltd (AYCCL) to address specific energy challenges in the cement sector.

Reon introduced an intelligent renewable microgrid consisting of a 13.5MW solar power project and a 5.59MWh Reflex battery energy storage system (BEES) powered by SPARKTM, Reon’s Intelligent Energy Management Platform.

The collaboration focuses on energy cost reduction and carbon footprint minimization, aiming to improve genset fuel efficiencies through optimal operation and decrease fuel consumption.

This solution is expected to cut energy costs by up to 20%, leading to improved economies, increased productivity, and enhanced operational uptime, according to Reon Energy.

Mujtaba Khan, Reon’s CEO, expressed the company’s commitment to delivering efficient solutions for industry-specific energy challenges.

AYCCL’s CEO, Waheeb Al-Azab, sees the partnership as a monumental stride toward sustainable energy practices, enabling the harnessing of solar power, significant carbon footprint reduction, and optimization of fuel efficiency in operations.

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