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RWE finalizes suppliers for Thor offshore wind farm in Denmark

RWE has finalized suppliers for the electrical transmission system for Thor offshore wind farm in Denmark.

The Thor wind farm has a planned capacity of 1000MW, and is located off the Danish west coast. Thor is said to be Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm so far.

According to the company, Siemens Energy will be responsible for the design, construction and installation of the onshore high voltage substation. It will be handled by the company's Offshore Centre of Competence in Denmark.

Meanwhile, RWE selected HSM Offshore Energy as supplier for the engineering, construction, installation and commissioning of the offshore high voltage substation.

The company informed that to connect the wind farm to the Danish grid, it will construct two new substations.

CEO of RWE Renewables Denmark Pia Lanken was quoted in a statement,“With the selection of preferred suppliers for the electrical transmission system, we have reached the next milestone in the development of our Thor offshore wind farm, which will massively contribute towards Denmark’s ambitious climate targets.”

The company is hopeful of the success following its 20 year track-record in offshore wind and its partnership with the experienced suppliers.

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