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Sasol partners with Itochu to develop green hydrogen projects

In order to investigate the creation of green hydrogen and green ammonia projects for shipping fuel and power generation, Sasol announced a partnership with the Itochu Corporation of Japan.

Sasol is a multinational chemicals and energy corporation that is moving away from coal as part of its decarbonization strategy.

Green hydrogen has been hailed as a major carbon-free energy source for power generation, transport fuel, and fertilizer production. Green hydrogen is created by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using renewable energy sources like the sun and wind.

According to Sasol, green ammonia, which is created from green hydrogen, is also a key enabler of the production of net-zero fertilizers and may be utilized as a zero-carbon bunkering fuel in the maritime industry and for co-firing in the production of thermal power.

It went on to say that green ammonia is a superb energy transporter and is simple to transfer, especially over long distances. The item can also be “cracked” back into hydrogen gas for other uses.

During the Tokyo International Conference for African Development in Tunisia last month, the two parties exchanged a memorandum of agreement. According to Sasol, the Japanese company Itochu had been investigating the creation of green hydrogen as a fuel for the maritime industry and for the production of electricity.

Priscillah Mabelane, executive vice-president for energy at Sasol, stated, “This represents yet another milestone in our objective to lead the energy transformation in South Africa through decarbonization while boosting industrial development.”


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