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Saudi Arabia has prepared 1,200 sites for renewable energy projects, says energy minister

GIS map of Saudi Arabia's potential solar irradiation

Image: University of Diyala, Results in Engineering, Creative Commons License CC BY 4.0

Saudi Arabia is prepared with 1,200 sites across the country to initiate renewable projects, said the Kingdom’s energy minister.

Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman disclosed the Kingdom’s plans while speaking at the second Digital Government Forum in Riyadh on Dec. 20.

The energy minister said: “We have 1,200 sites in various regions of the Kingdom to initiate solar and wind energy projects.”

He outlined a bold vision for the future of the region’s energy sector, highlighting the substantial cost reduction across all facets of operations.

Prince Abdulaziz said: “We are facing a significant reduction in costs in the processes of production, extraction, distribution, and transportation of all forms of energy, with a focus on minimizing expenses.”

He also took the opportunity to showcase Saudi Arabia’s commitment to providing competitive electricity costs that are closely aligned with production expenses.

“The Kingdom offers competitive electricity costs close to the cost price,” he stated, underscoring the nation’s dedication to economic efficiency in the energy sector.

The minister further highlighted the symbiotic relationship between the energy and technology sectors.

Emphasizing the enabling role of energy, he discussed its potential to provide sustainable and competitively priced electricity for cloud computing.

He also underscored the importance of technology in data analysis, cost reduction and safety measures within the energy sector.

The Energy Ministry’s initiatives include a Geographic Survey project for renewable energy sites, AI-based monitoring for security and a 3D printing project for spare parts at the Dussur Factory.

Prince Abdulaziz also expressed his commitment to fostering talent within the Ministry of Energy, emphasizing the importance of creating a conducive working environment for young men and women.

“We are keen on enhancing the attraction to the Ministry of Energy and providing a suitable work environment for young men and women,” he affirmed.

The two-day forum in Riyadh was held under the theme “Towards a Promising Digital Horizon.” It featured specialized topics and comprehensive dialogue sessions, aiming to build upon the success of its first edition.

The Digital Government Authority reiterated that the forum is poised to become the most significant event regionally and globally in the foreseeable future.

The announcements made by the minister underscore Saudi Arabia’s commitment to adopting sustainable and economically viable energy practices.

As the Kingdom continues to make strides toward a promising digital horizon, the energy sector is poised for transformative growth, with a focus on innovation, efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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