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Shizen Int’l joins hands with Sena Solar Energy for new renewable projects in Thailand

Shizen International (Thailand) has entered into partnership with Sena Solar Energy for the development of renewable energy in Thailand. Shizen International is a subsidiary of Japan-based renewable energy developer Shizen Energy Group.

The duo has already signed a memorandum of understanding for the projects including the creation of new floating solar plants in Thailand.

Under the agreement, the duo will jointly explore opportunities in the Thai renewable energy market, including a floating/rooftop hybrid solar project of over 60MW in Thailand.

According to the companies, the development of solar generation facilities will supply clean energy solutions to both the government and private sector.

Kessara Thanyalakpark, CEO of Sena Solar Energy, was quoted in a statement, “This collaboration with Japanese partner Shizen International (Thailand) is aimed to explore investment opportunities in Thailand’s renewable energy market. The company is also prepared to expand its investments into new markets with significant growth potential, focusing on building its business potential to become a leader in integrated energy technology.”

Meanwhile, Oliver Senter, director and CFO of Shizen International, parent company of Shizen International, remarked, “We are delighted to announce entering into an MoU with Sena Solar Energy in relation to the co-development of a large-scale floating solar project in Thailand.”

According to Shizen International, it has been engaged in long-term power purchase agreements using roof-mounted solar power generation for industrial facilities so far.

Shizen Energy Group has been working in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines.


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