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Singapore plans to import 1 GW of renewable energy yearly from Cambodia

Singapore is considering importing 1 GW of renewable energy from Cambodia in a yearly basis.

This could be the largest cross-border power contract which is expected to contribute to the country’s energy needs.

According to the Energy Market Authority (EMA), Keppel Energy has received permits to import hydropower, solar and wind power from Cambodia’s Royal Group Power Company.

The renewable power will be supplied through new subsea cables that would transmit the electricity over more than 1,000km.

According to the Second Minister for Trade and Industry Tan See Leng, the transmission cables will be South-east Asia’s longest cross-border subsea cables after it comes into operation.

“This opens up opportunities for further interconnections to South-east Asian countries and contributes to the realisation of the Asean Power Grid vision,” he further mentioned.

He also shared that the project will also have battery energy storage systems to store excess wind and solar power along with pumped storage hydropower.

It has been informed that the 1GW of electricity can power the households of about 1.4 million annually. The country is also considering importing electricity including renewable energy sources from Laos, a local report mentioned.

To be noted, Singapore has aimed to import 4GW of low-carbon electricity by 2035. This will be about 30 percent of Singapore’s projected energy supply.

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