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SolarSaver brings innovative hybrid solar battery systems to dairy farms in South Africa

SolarSaver, a solar photovoltaic (PV) installation company, has integrated batteries into the existing grid-tied setup at Burnview Dairy, creating a hybrid system.

Additionally, batteries will be added to Creighton Valley Cheese Company’s grid-tied installation to boost its output by 50 kW. The move aims to ensure a consistent power supply for dairy farms in KwaZulu-Natal, addressing challenges posed by load shedding and power outages.

Creighton Valley Cheese Company had previously experienced significant benefits from a solar installation, prompting the hybrid system at Burnview Dairy.

The initiative helps reduce electricity costs, enhance stability, and contribute to a more sustainable future for South Africa. SolarSaver has implemented similar systems at various farms in the region, emphasizing the role of renewable energy in fostering competitiveness and addressing power challenges in agriculture.

The company offers grid-tied solutions through a rent-to-own model and provides battery hybrid solutions for a set monthly fee or direct sale, catering to the diverse needs of farmers in the Creighton Valley area.


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