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Sterling Generators collaborates with Tecnicas Reunidas to develop a cutting-edge green hydrogen electrolyzer in India

Sterling Generators Private Ltd, a subsidiary of Sterling and Wilson Private Limited, a leading Indian engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company, has announced a significant partnership with Tecnicas Reunidas, S.A., a global leader in engineering and construction in the energy sector. The agreement aims to jointly develop a 1 MWe hydrogen electrolyzer, scheduled to be commissioned by the last quarter of 2024, with plans for scaling up to 10MW thereafter. The signing ceremony took place at the Embassy of Spain in India in the presence of distinguished guests including the Spanish Ambassador, Diplomats, government officials, and senior representatives from both companies.

Hydrogen, known for its universal applicability, lightness, and high reactivity, is considered a promising fuel for the future. Electrolysis, the process of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity, holds immense potential for carbon-free hydrogen production, particularly when powered by renewable energy sources. This collaboration underscores the commitment to leveraging green hydrogen to drive India’s energy independence, resilience, and innovation, aligning with the country’s ambitious renewable energy targets.

Sanjay Jadhav, CEO of Sterling Generators Private Limited, expressed confidence in the transformative potential of green hydrogen, emphasizing its role in advancing India’s transition to a cleaner and greener energy landscape. He highlighted the agreement as a strategic step towards harnessing India’s abundant solar and wind resources for green hydrogen production.

Joaquín Pérez de Ayala, Director of Energy Transition at Tecnicas Reunidas SA, emphasized the significance of the partnership in integrating green hydrogen into India’s energy mix. He highlighted the potential of green hydrogen to decarbonize challenging sectors such as heavy industry and transportation, while fostering technical collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation between India and Spain.

The collaboration between Sterling Generators and Tecnicas Reunidas underscores the growing bilateral relations between India and Spain, particularly in critical sectors like green hydrogen. This partnership aligns with the joint declaration arising from recent bilateral meetings, which identified clean energy as a key focus area for strategic cooperation between the two countries, alongside health, smart cities, and defense.


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