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Sunways Shines Intersolar South America 2022 with its Innovative Energy Solutions

Intersolar South America 2022 is taking place on 23rd to 25th August in São Paulo, Brazil. Sunways is pleased to participant in this Latin America’s leading exhibition and conference for the solar industry and displays its well-received on grid solutions, as well as its highly anticipated energy storage solutions and other core products, at Booth E1.30 this year.

In this fair, Sunways displays its full product range, including its on-gird solutions, single-phase 1-6kW and three-phase 4-12kW for residential, and three-phase 15-125kW for commercial and industrial, as well as its energy solutions 3-12kW for residential and commercial, battery solutions and other core solar products.

Sunways STS 3~6KTL-P Series is an excellent alternative for residential PV installation. This inverter can provide a higher yield for your household system with a low start-up voltage of only 80V and a wide MPPT voltage range of 100-550V. It features a maximum input current of 15A and is compatible with high-power panels. This inverter is quite easy to install and maintain because of its compact size and light weight of about 13kg.

Sunways STT 80~125KTL Series is suitable for both ground-mounted and rooftop C&I applications. It has a maximum of 10MPPTs. This series features DC 2 in 1 connection to compatible with 182/210mm high power PV panels to lower levelized cost of electricity (LCOE). The inverter operates at a lower temperature due to innovative heat dissipation, ensuring stability and a longer lifespan, while the IV scan features save time and energy on maintenance. This series comes with an optional anti-PID function that can effectively prevent potential degradation and protect PV system for its lifetime.

Sunways energy storage solutions integrate with batteries and hybrid inverters to increase energy independence by up to 100% and maximize clean energy consumption rate in your daily life. Sunways hybrid inverters allows you to store excess solar energy in a battery system for self-use in the night or blackout. The exhibited STH-4~12KTL-HT includes six models 4KTL, 5KTL, 6KTL, 8KTL, 10KTL and 12KTL, and meets the requirements of most home and small commercial projects. With a battery range from 135-750V, it allows to connect more batteries and to have a bigger capacity energy storage which can assure your energy safety and save daily electricity consumption expenses.

Sunways is an inverter company with nearly 30 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality and technical-leading inverters. Cooperation with different local distributors, we will continue to provide the most cost-effective energy solutions in response to different customer needs, assisting the transition to green energy.


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