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Tata Steel invests €65m in hydrogen factory design

Tata Steel, the top emitter of CO2 in the Netherlands, is investing millions on a prospective hydrogen-powered steel facility.

The factory stated last year, in response to criticism from lawmakers and environmental groups, that it would accelerate its shift to sustainable energy. Now, as an initial step, it is investing €65 million in the factory’s design.

The new factory would process iron ore with hydrogen or natural gas to produce “direct reduced iron.” The corporation expects to shut down its two coal facilities by 2037 and open the greener plant by then.

Concerning pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, the IJmuiden factory has been at the center of debate. This year, the public prosecution office launched a criminal investigation against the factory to investigate charges that Tata Steel ‘intentionally and illegally’ spilled hazardous chemicals into the air and land.

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