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Thailand’s PTTEP enters collaborative project of renewables for Subsea Power

Thailand’s state energy company PTTEP has entered into the collaborative project

of Renewables for Subsea Power.

PTTEP has been operating in different countries, as it plans to support the energy transition and to explore opportunities in renewable energy.

This latest project will power subsea equipment with wave power and intelligent subsea energy storage. The project will be based off the coast of Orkney, Scotland.

As per the company, the project aims to demonstrate green technologies that can provide reliable low carbon power to subsea equipment.

It further informed that it will join project leads Mocean Energy and Verlume and Baker Hughes, Serica Energy, Harbour Energy, Transmark Subsea, and the Net Zero Technology Centre.

Joining RSP will provide PTTEP access to all data and results of the test programme, which is taking place at a site 5km east of the Orkney mainland. The company will also be able to offer input to test plans and will be provided with a feasibility assessment of the use of RSP technology.

“This inward investment underlines the international interest in the potential of our combined technologies,” Mocean Energy commercial director Ian Crossland, was quoted in a statement.

Similarly, Verlume chief commercial officer Andy Martin remarked, “The RSP project is a solution which can help decarbonise operations in many locations across the world and the further expansion of the project consortium is a concrete example of international demand.”

PTTEP has pledged to achieve a net zero greenhouse gas emissions goal in 2050.

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