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TotalEnergies is Partnering With the Fijian Government for Renewable Energy

TotalEnergies Marketing (Fiji) Pte Ltd managing director Dennis Cuaycong with Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka at the centennial anniversary. Picture FIJIAN GOVERNMENT

GLOBAL multi-energy company TotalEnergies is partnering with the Fijian Government to achieve Fiji’s goal of becoming net-zero by 2050.

This according to Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka while officiating at the centennial anniversary of TotalEnergies that was held at the Grand Pacific Hotel on Thursday evening.

“TotalEnergies has constantly evolved and earned a reputation for its innovative spirit, including the decision in 2006 to acquire Shell in Fiji. When TotalEnergies entered the Fiji market in 2006, the operation had 24 stations,” Mr Rabuka said.

“In the 18 years that they’ve been operating here, the total network in Fiji now has grown to 34 stations with modern facilities, services, and products.

“In order to face the challenges of a largely net zero future, totally pursuing a new strategy to become a multi-energy company, by developing its activities in electricity, mainly renewables.

“I thank Total for agreeing to be a long-term energy partner with the Fijian government. It’s global climate ambition aligns very well with the Fijian government goal of becoming a net-zero nation by 2050.”

Mr Rabuka said Fiji’s energy sector faced unique challenges shaped by a growing economy and the nation’s natural environment.

“We rely heavily on imported fuels, which provide 88 per cent of our primary energy supply. In addition, we are vulnerable to adverse climate conditions, and natural disasters that threaten our infrastructure, including the energy infrastructure.

“It is therefore appropriate that total energies have responded to our commitment towards being net zero by 2050 and has undertaken to work with the government in our efforts.

“With its strong position in the market, TotalEnergies is exploring creating a multi energy solutions with its partners and stakeholders to achieve that aim.”

He also acknowledged the management team and local TotalEnergies staff members and said none of these accomplishments would have been possible without their hard work and dedication.


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