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US-Philippines trade mission ignites solar energy initiatives

The U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, led a prestigious delegation from 22 U.S. businesses and organizations on an unprecedented Presidential Trade and Investment Mission to the Philippines from March 11-12. The mission, a testament to President Biden’s commitment to fostering economic ties and labor rights, aimed to bolster collaboration between the two nations.

Secretary Raimondo highlighted the significance of a robust trade and investment relationship between the U.S. and the Philippines, lauding recent regulatory reforms opening key sectors such as renewable energy. The focus of the mission extended to clean energy, digital transformation, and supply chain resilience.

Key announcements during the mission underscored a shift towards sustainable energy solutions. Notably, the Foundation International unveiled plans for the Philippines’ first Electric Mobility Education and Development Center, in partnership with Legacy EV. This initiative aims to provide comprehensive training in electric vehicle (EV) technology.

In another stride towards sustainability, Sol-Go announced investments in solar panel production, positioning the Philippines as a hub for advanced manufacturing. The company’s initiative aligns with the U.S.’s vision for reliable solar panel production, with plans to reach a 100-megawatt capacity by 2025-6.

Furthermore, Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation revealed plans for a carbon-free electrical generation system in collaboration with Philippine utility company Meralco. This partnership signifies a significant step towards clean energy production in the Philippines, leveraging advanced nuclear technology.

Maryland-based startup, Ally Power, has forged a $400 million agreement with MPower, the Philippines’ leading electric retail supplier, to construct a hybrid hydrogen and electric refueling station. This innovative facility will generate hydrogen, electricity, and sodium aluminate, aligning with the Philippines’ energy security and climate change objectives.

Additionally, Ally Power will collaborate with the Meralco Power Academy and the University of the Philippines to establish a Center of Excellence aimed at advancing American renewable energy technologies.

While the mission witnessed the announcement of over $1 billion in investments across various sectors, the U.S. Department of Commerce remains committed to supporting additional initiatives that contribute to the Philippines’ economic growth.

These initiatives reflect a collective effort to harness solar energy and innovative technologies, advancing both economic prosperity and environmental sustainability in the Philippines.


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