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WPD Windmanager achieves milestone of 6GW in renewables in Germany

The German company WPD Windmanager has achieved a milestone with 6GW of renewable capacity under management.

The company achieved this in wind and solar segment through commercial and technical operations management.

With this, the company informed that now it is responsible for 6011MW of renewables capacity globally. The company had crossed the 5GW mark two years back.

Till Schorer, Director Customer Relations at WPD Windmanager, commented, “In the last two years, we have grown enormously. The German market has regained momentum. But we have also added a large number of new projects internationally. The 6GW is an important milestone for us. There are not many operations managers in the market with comparable volumes."

WPD Windmanager informed that it manages over 3500MW of capacity for fund companies, municipal utilities, operators and investors in Germany.

Besides, its international share with 2500MW capacity is spread across Europe, Asia and South America.

Henning Rüpke, Director International Operations, remarked that the company will focus on international market more and expects to grow significantly in the days ahead.

For WPD Windmanager, France is the next largest market after Germany with 590MW.

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