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【Mar.31st Conference】3rd Solar+Wind Congress & EXPO Vietnam 2022

📝What: 3rd Solar+Wind Congress & EXPO Vietnam 2022

📆When: March 31, 2022

🛫Where: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam is targeting for net-zero emissions by 2050, which bodes well for renewableenergy as the next sought topic. It calls for the participation of energy industry and creates a new wave in renewable energy in Vietnam.

The boom of the Vietnam solar market was beyond expectations in 2020. Driven by rooftop solar energy, PV installed capacity reached a record high in Vietnam. However, 2021 remained as an idle year in comparison. Under the draft PDP 8, we forecast the solar market in Vietnam to average around 3-5GW per annum installed capacity from 2022 to 2030. Many are on the fence that will the regulations be in place in 2022? What are the opportunities, risks and expectations on rooftop solar in Vietnam?

Wind power is also in focus. PDP8 calls for a substantial increase in wind power, which has untapped potential in Vietnam. And according to PDP8, Vietnam will increase offshore wind power to #5GW and onshore wind power to nearly 16.82GW - 17.47GW by 2030. With such goals in mind, what are the pathways to facilitate Vietnam wind industry? How should the government of Vietnam plan for wind power VS other power sources?

We believe that more renewable energy sources will create more sustainable future.


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