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A Granada town of 900 inhabitants will have the first solar panel recycling plant in Spain

Jerez del Marquesado, a small town in Granada with 956 inhabitants (data from 2022) and which is part of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, will from now on be known for having the first recycling and recovery plant for panel materials. solar panels in Spain through a totally sustainable zero-emissions process. Greening Group is the promoter company that aims to generate up to 25 direct jobs in the province and recycle 9,000 tons of photovoltaic panels per year with the implementation of this project in which it will invest approximately 3.6 million euros. In addition, a sum of 600,000 euros will also be allocated for the alliance with the University of Granada (UGR) for research and development.

Greening Group will carry out the comprehensive recycling of the modules used in the photovoltaic installations, completing a circular process by treating the waste, separating and recovering up to 99% of the materials from the solar panels through an innovative, sustainable and zero CO2 emissions, which allows these components to be given a second life.

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