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Actis launches US$500 million renewables platform in Japan

A global investor Actis has launched a new US$500 million Japan-focused renewables platform.

The platform is called Nozomi Energy, which is focused on 1.1GW of onshore wind and solar power generation by 2027. The company will be run by a separate dedicated management team.

According to the company, the latest investment belongs to Actis’ fifth and latest energy infrastructure fund.

The investing company has signed its first investment and seed asset for Nozomi, acquiring 100% of Hergo Japan Energy Corporation from Infrastructure S.p.A, it stated. To be noted, Hergo is a leading renewable energy developer and IPP.

So far, Hergo Japan Energy has a portfolio of solar and onshore wind projects with a total capacity of around 230MW. These projects are either in the operating or development stage. In addition, the company also has a significant pipeline of early-stage projects.

According to Actis, its “deployment of renewables technologies in Japan and North Asia will be a key enabler in the region’s energy transition, supporting a shift to a low-carbon economy and meeting Japan’s national climate targets,” it stated.

Last year, Actis had announced that it had extended its footprint in Asia with a new office in Japan.


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