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ARC Power and Rwandan government announce historic partnership for expanding energy coverage

ARC Power, a leading British renewable energy developer, is pleased to announce a landmark Strategic Power Partnership with the Government of Rwanda. This historic collaboration aims to significantly enhance energy access in Rwanda by developing grid extensions and deploying grid-tied solar generation units, known as ARCs, across the country. The initiative will provide electricity to at least 40,000 households, schools, and health centers for the first time, significantly boosting Rwanda’s clean energy mix.

The Strategic Power Partnership represents a pivotal moment for both ARC Power and the Government of Rwanda. Leveraging ARC Power’s renewable energy expertise and the Rwandan government’s dedication to sustainability, the partnership aims to accelerate energy access and revolutionize the energy sector across Africa.

Under the agreement, ARC Power will work closely with the Rwanda Energy Group to pinpoint strategic locations for grid extensions and the installation of solar units. These units will harness Rwanda’s abundant solar resources to generate reliable, clean electricity, connecting a minimum of 400,000 people to power for the first time. This project will improve quality of life and stimulate economic growth.

Karl Boyce, CEO of ARC Power, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with the Government of Rwanda in this unprecedented endeavor. This partnership demonstrates our shared commitment to driving positive change and promoting sustainable energy solutions. Together, we aim to set a new standard for the energy sector in Africa and serve as a model for other nations to follow.”

The CEO of the Rwanda Energy Group also commented on the collaboration, emphasizing the transformative potential of the Strategic Power Partnership to revolutionize the country’s energy landscape.

By promoting renewable energy adoption and expanding electricity access, the partnership aims to accelerate sustainable development, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and foster economic prosperity for all Rwandans. This collaboration underscores the shared vision of ARC Power and the Government of Rwanda to address the pressing energy challenges facing the continent.


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