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Auren Energia to develop 94.5 MW of wind farms in Brazil

Brazilian energy company Auren Energy has commenced construction of two wind farms in Brazil. The two wind farms will add a combined capacity of 94.5 MW.

The farms Ventos do Piaui II and III will be developed in the state of Pernambuco. They will be based in the municipalities of Araripina, Ouricuri and Santa Filomena, in the Sertao do Araripe region.

The wind farms are likely to start operations in November this year.

According to Auren Energia, it is considering investing BRL 455 million (USD 92.5m/EUR 87.5m) in these two projects.

Regarding the company, Auren Energy is said to be the "product of corporate reorganisation of assets of Brazilian investment holding company Votorantim SA and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board," as per a report.

The company informed that it has 3.3 GW of installed capacity between hydroelectric plants and wind farms at present.

According to Auren Energy, it has been operating 21 wind farms between Piaui and Pernambuco. Similarly, it is developing at least 474 MW of solar PV projects in the Araripe region.


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