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Breaking Ground: ACCIONA Secures €280 Million in Spain's First Samurai Loan, Unveils Inaugural Green Financing Initiative

ACCIONA has made history as the first Spanish company to secure a Samurai loan, a yen-denominated loan sourced from the Japanese market by international issuers. This landmark transaction marks ACCIONA’s debut green loan, comprised of two tranches spanning 3 and 5 years, with a combined value of ¥45 billion (€280 million).

Under ACCIONA’s Sustainable Impact Financing Framework, the loan not only earns its green classification by allocating funds to climate change mitigation activities but also includes a local impact initiative aimed at fostering the development of zero- or low-emission products and industries through sustainable procurement commitments. Consequently, ACCIONA aims to reduce its Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions.

The company’s foray into the Samurai loan market aligns with its strategy of diversifying funding sources to enhance its financial structure and underscores its growing interest in the Asia-Pacific region.

This transaction garnered support from 17 banks, with 11 being new financial partners for ACCIONA, predominantly Japanese regional banks. Acting as Joint Coordinators were MUFG and Mizuho, with Mizuho assuming the roles of Green Loan Coordinator and Documentation Agent, while MUFG served as Facility Agent. Commitments exceeded the initial target amounts for both the 3- and 5-year tranches.

José Ángel Tejero, ACCIONA’s Chief Financial and Sustainability Officer, expressed gratitude for the confidence and commitment demonstrated by their Japanese financing partners. He highlighted their focus on sustainable infrastructure development as pivotal to the transaction’s success.

This inaugural Samurai loan marks another significant milestone for ACCIONA in the sustainable debt market. Since issuing its first green bond in 2016, the company has steadily increased its presence, with 78% of its corporate debt structured within sustainable financing frameworks by the end of the 2023 financial year. Over the past seven years, ACCIONA has executed over 70 transactions, encompassing bilateral and syndicated loans, private and public bonds, credit lines, and other instruments, all under its sustainable financing initiatives.


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