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Clearvise AG Secures Long-Term Electricity Supply Contract for Chassiecq Solar Park with Tokai COBEX Group

Clearvise AG, a leading independent electricity producer focusing on renewable energies, has announced the signing of a notable long-term electricity supply agreement for the Chassiecq solar park in France with the Tokai COBEX Group, a prominent Japanese manufacturer of carbon and graphite fiber products.

The Chassiecq solar park, boasting a capacity of 36.4 MWp, is located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France and is set to commence operations by the end of the second half of 2024. Once operational, it is projected to generate more than 47 GWh of electricity annually. Under the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Tokai COBEX will procure all electricity generated by the Chassiecq solar park to power its two French factories for an 11-year period.

This landmark agreement marks the first project from clearvise’s French clearPARTNERS pipeline. Collaborating with Hamburg-based LNF Energy and a French developer, clearvise is spearheading the development, financing, and construction of the Chassiecq solar park.

Petra Leue-Bahns, CEO of clearvise AG, expressed her satisfaction with the partnership, stating, “We are very pleased to have found an internationally renowned partner in Tokai COBEX that focuses on sustainability in the energy supply of its systems. For clearvise, the conclusion of the first corporate PPA is an important milestone in the portfolio strategy. We are consistently building up our generation portfolio so that we can optimally cover the electricity needs of industrial customers.”

Andrzej Hotlos, CEO of Tokai COBEX, echoed Leue-Bahns’ sentiments, emphasizing the significance of the collaboration in achieving sustainability goals. He remarked, “This is an important milestone on our path to a net-zero future and underlines our commitment to promoting sustainable developments for our customers. We have found a reliable partner in clearvise AG and are looking forward to a fruitful, long-term collaboration.”

Le Hoang Nguyen, managing partner of LNF Energy GmbH & Co.KG, also expressed satisfaction with the partnership, stating, “The conclusion of the PPA with Tokai COBEX is a good example of how the implementation of the project benefits from good cooperation. We are pleased that we were able to further contribute to the success of the joint project with our expertise and network.”

The signing of this agreement signifies a significant step towards promoting renewable energy and sustainability in the industrial sector, highlighting the importance of collaboration between international partners in achieving common environmental objectives.


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