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EEI completes rooftop solar project for semiconductor firm

EEI Power Corporation, the power arm of EEI Corporation, has successfully completed the installation and commencement of operations for a 235.44kWp Solar PV Rooftop System at the newly constructed building of I-PEX Philippines Inc. in Biñan, Laguna.

This collaborative project between EEI Power and Nippon Steel Trading Corporation’s Manila office is equipped with 428 VSUN 550-watt monocrystalline solar panels, projecting an annual output of 297,330kWh.

Anticipated to offset 116 metric tons of carbon emissions annually, the system aligns with global renewable energy goals and emphasizes environmental stewardship by reducing reliance on conventional energy sources.

I-PEX Philippines Vice-President, Mr. Takeshi Hanazawa, expresses commitment to sustainability, highlighting the positive impact on both business and the environment.

EEI Power General Manager, Salvador M. Salire, Jr., underscores the significance of harnessing solar power for long-term cost savings and setting an example for sustainable energy practices.

I-PEX specializes in connectors, sensors, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, while EEI Power is dedicated to power generation, electrical solutions, and sustainability initiatives in the solar rooftop sector.


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