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Egypt seeks green hydrogen production collaboration with international companies

The country intends to work with the companies as a step toward implementing experimental projects.

Egyptian Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker recently announced that the country is collaborating with international companies for research and implementation of green hydrogen production projects.

The country is seeking to move ahead in its progress in making renewable H2 and potentially exporting it.

Shaker explained that working with the companies from other countries represents a first step in Egypt’s efforts to move ahead in its plans for green hydrogen production and potentially exporting the renewable energy. The country’s electricity and renewable energy sector are open to cooperation with all parties in the pursuit of this goal.

The announcement was made during a meeting with American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) officials in Egypt, as well as a delegation of business representatives. Also at the meeting were reps from a large number of American companies with Egyptian operations.

The green hydrogen production meeting was held for the purpose of discovering what the Egyptian electricity sector would need to do to move forward in using sustainable resources for the reduction of emissions as laid out in the framework in preparation for the 2022 Climate Change Conference (COP27) that will take place this November in Sharm El Sheikh.

The meeting looked into green hydrogen production while enhancing the country’s renewable energy sector.

Shaker underscored that renewable H2 is being placed in the spotlight as a promising energy of the future, pointing out that an Egyptian ministerial committee is already pursuing a better understanding of this energy source at a national level. At the same time, it is also looking into valuable international experiences for added guidance.


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