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Eletron Energy to develop 101 MWp solar farm complex in Brazil

Brazilian power company Eletron Energy is all set to develop a 101 MWp solar farm complex in Brazil.

The company has entered into a partnership for the same with compatriot Kroma Energi.

The project is named Sao Pedro e Paulo. It will be developed in the state of Pernambuco, which is in north-east Brazil.

According to Eletron Energy, construction of the project started on June 1. The companies plan to commission the plant in mid-June 2023.

It has been reported that the solar complex will have four solar farms in total. The largest solar farm is the 34.43-MWp Sao Pedro e Paulo I facility, and part of the generated power will be sold to the regulated market. In Brazil’s A-4 2018 auction, Kroma Energia had secured such a contract.

According to Eletron Energy, around 70% of power generated by the solar farm complex will be sold to the free market.


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