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EV Chargepoint Installation Training is presented by Rolec and Mr. Charger.

Industry leading electric vehicle chargepoint manufacturer Rolec has entered a partnership with EV chargepoint installation franchise Mr Charger. While the two companies have maintained a long-standing relationship since 2018, this strategic partnership further accelerates and strengthens their collaboration to offer both of their customer bases a more comprehensive solution and provide more businesses and homeowners with the complete catalogue of tools needed for chargepoint installation.

As part of their shared mission to make EV transport more accessible, they will be hosting a partnership training day to aid electrical contractors. Drawing on decades of joint industry experience, the event will feature talks covering product knowledge, technical installation, industry growth, scaling your business, Monta software solutions, Wattif EV funding opportunities, and how to better serve customers.

Rolec EV and Mr Charger, household names in electric vehicle charging, have been helping homes and businesses across the country transition to a zero-carbon future. At the forefront of meeting industry demands, they each provide a unique blend of expertise.

In addition, Mr Charger’s choice to operate as a franchise allows installers to become recognised as part of a company with an already established reputation and level of competency and support that helps to build client/installer trust. Putting you at the front of the curve and giving you the strongest start to build a reputable business.

Allan Ross, Contractor Relations and Training Manager at Rolec, had this to say:

‘We are delighted to continue our partnership with Mr Charger as well as welcome into effect our joint training days, the first of which will take place on the 12th of April 2024 at our premises in Boston, Lincolnshire.

These training days will be the perfect opportunity to showcase our strengths as EV hardware manufacturers and will be focused around detailing the benefits of the industry for electrical contractors. While introducing attendees to the largest range of EV charging hardware in the UK and Rolec’s approved installer program.

In combination with our CPD accredited, installer specific training courses (available to all EV charging installers), we are confident that we will provide you with all the information and support needed to create and grow a thriving and comprehensive EV chargepoint installation business.’

Richard Mills, Director at Mr Charger, had this to say:

‘Revolution’ might seem like a dramatic word, but what we do here at Mr Charger really is a game-changing opportunity – for you, for our customers, and for the entire industry. Our partnership day with Rolec EV is a chance for those looking for a way to take their career to the next level and explore franchise opportunities across the UK. Join a rapidly growing industry, surrounded by those with the support and know-how to help you succeed.’

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