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Greenvolt wins 1.2 GW BESS portfolio in Polish capacity auction

Greenvolt Group, through Greenvolt Power, a subsidiary responsible for the development, construction and global management of large-scale wind, solar and energy storage projects, has been the main winner in the Polish capacity auction held in December 2023.

According to information provided on January 5 by the office of the President of Energy Regulation following the announcement of the final results of the capacity market auction, the company received 1.2 GW of capacity for its six wholly owned BESS projects, which represent more than 70% of the total capacity awarded to BESS technology. The contracts cover 17 years of capacity payment obligation, the maximum possible term in the Polish capacity market mechanism.

In the auction held by Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE), Poland's transmission grid operator, Greenvolt Power participated with six independent energy storage projects, with a total secured grid capacity of 1.4 GW, achieving 1 .2 GW of long-term awarded capacity payments. These projects represent the largest BESS portfolio ever approved at auction in Poland.

Under these contracts, Greenvolt Group will operate as reserve capacity for the Polish grid system in periods when the minimum system capacity is not guaranteed. This service will be remunerated at a fixed price (indexed by the CPI) of PLN 244.90/kW per year for the entire 17-year contract period.

In addition to promoting large-scale wind, solar and BESS projects in 15 countries, Greenvolt Group also operates in important segments of distributed generation and energy production from sustainable biomass.

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