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Japan’s Toshiba and Fusion Fuel to work together in green hydrogen sector

Japan’s Toshiba Energy Systems and Solutions Corporation (ESS) has entered into a partnership with electrolyser developer Fusion Fuel Green Plc.

The duo announced that they have already signed a memorandum of understanding to explore opportunities in the green hydrogen sector.

The duo will explore technical and commercial opportunities in green hydrogen.

According to Toshiba ESS, it has "developed membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) that Fusion Fuel says are “highly cost-competitive” and require significantly less catalyst than conventional solutions."

As per the agreement, Fusion Fuel is responsible for "evaluating the use of the partner’s MEAs in its own proprietary proton-exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysers."

It has been reported that this partnership will also explore potential collaboration for future sales of Toshiba ESS solid oxide electrolysis cells which will be launched in the market in 2025. This new product is a solar-to-hydrogen generator that can produce green hydrogen using only solar energy.

“We view this partnership as an opportunity to leverage our complementary strengths and create a unique and differentiated commercial offering in both European markets, as well as globally,” Jaime Silva, Fusion Fuel’s Chief Technology Officer, was quoted in a report.

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