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Korean company Naver joins both RE100 and EV100 for clean energy transition

Korean company Naver announced that it has joined EV100, an initiative to electrify the firm's vehicle fleet.

With this, it has become the first internet platform company in the world to join both RE100 and EV100. Earlier, it had become the first internet company in Korea to join RE100.

To be noted, RE100 is an alliance of 380 global enterprises with a commitment to become 100 percent renewable. Similarly, EV100 is a drive to replace all corporate vehicles with electric ones by 2030.

“Naver will use eco-friendly vehicles to directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicle fuels, while further encouraging the use of renewable energy sources to cut down indirectly produced greenhouse gas emissions -- to become a global leader in ESG management,” Lim Dong-a, the executive director of the environment program at Naver, was quoted in a statement.

With the latest development, Naver's businesses are ready to make the switch to EVs.

Following the footstep, it is expected that Naver’s move will encourage other businesses in South Korea to join the energy transition.


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