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Kyon Energy to build the largest battery storage facility in Europe

Kyon Energy is all set to build the largest battery storage facility in Europe.

The company has already received the approval for the record-breaking project which will have the capacity to store 275 megawatt-hours.

The project will be located in Alfeld, Lower Saxony in Germany. It is likely to enter into operations by 2025 and boost its position at the forefront of the storage market in the country.

As per local reports, this project could be a “milestone in making the German electricity grid more flexible, stabilising the grid, and reducing dependence on conventional energy sources.”

According to Kyon Energy’s managing director, Florian Antwerpen, expanding storage capacities is crucial for the energy transition in Germany. He informed that the facility will “store surplus energy from renewable sources and feed it back into the grid.”

It comes at a time when Kyon Energy has already been a significant player in the energy sector with over 120 megawatts in storage projects within the last two years alone.

The storage facility project is seen as a strategic move towards a sustainable energy future. This is expected to decrease reliance on fossil fuels and move towards a grid dominated by green energy.

As per Bernd Beushausen, Alfeld’s Mayor, the town of Alfeld is also set to become a beacon of Germany’s energy transition with the project.


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