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Netherlands to inaugurate the 320MW Zeewolde Wind Farm

The Netherlands is all set to kick off the 320MW Zeewolde Wind Farm.

This wind farm has been regarded as the largest onshore array built in the Netherlands so far.

The construction of the project had begun in October 2019. It is all set to be inaugurated this week after three years.

The community-owned wind farm has been called as €500m repowering project. It has been reported that it “replaces 220 solitary turbines with 91 larger capacity machines.”

Sjoerd Sieburgh Sjoerdsma, managing director of Zeewolde wind park, was quoted, "Everyone in the area could participate financially. And more than 90% have done so. This is really a wind farm of the area.”

According to Zeewolde municipality and province of Flevoland, the older turbines are required to be removed within five years of the wind farm’s completion.


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