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Norsk Solar’s first plant of Origo solar PV project comes online in Brazil

Norwegian energy company Norsk Solar AS has announced that the first plant of the 37-MW multi-site Origo solar PV project has come online in Brazil.

This development has been possible after the project received a permit from Brazilian authority Cia Energetica de Minas Gerais SA.

According to the company statement, the first solar plant is a part of the 18-MW Origo 1 (Uberlandia 2) solar PV project. This plant is based in the municipality of Uberlandia in the state of Minas Gerais. It further stated that this Origo 1 project includes six different sites.

The Nordic firm has been handling the development, financing and construction of the project, while it is also the sole independent power producer (IPP), it said in a statement.

Earlier, this Origo 1 plant has already inked a 25-year power purchase agreement with local distributed generation company Órigo Energia.

As per Norsk Solar, the development and construction of the projects have been carried out in partnership with GDSolar. It is expected that the other five sites will come online in the next month.


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