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Octopus Energy aims to achieve 20GW green generation projects in Europe by 2030

Octopus Energy has targeted to achieve 20GW of European green generation projects by 2030.

It has been informed that the projects could power 15 million homes and boost the energy security of the region.

So far, the company’s generation arm has been managing £6 billion of renewable assets and energy translation projects globally.

According to the company, it has opened seven new onshore wind farms across Europe since 2022. The new farms have a combined capacity of 250MW.

The projects are spread across the UK, Germany, Sweden, France and Poland.

Octopus Energy Generation stated that there are the latest renewables projects as the company manages 3.2GW of renewables.

Zoisa North-Bond, chief executive of Octopus Energy Generation, was quoted in a statement, "It’s brilliant to see this flurry of wind farms we’ve built across Europe start generating clean power - and we’ve got big plans to invest in lots more.”

“New green energy is absolutely essential to accelerate our shift to a renewables-first economy and wean ourselves off expensive fossil fuels,” Zoisa further said.


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