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OMV Petrom Seeks Contractors for 710MW Solar Project in Southern Romania

Romanian oil and gas giant OMV Petrom SA has initiated plans to develop a significant solar power complex in Teleorman County, located in southern Romania.

In a recent announcement, OMV Petrom issued a call for expressions of interest from potential contractors to oversee various aspects of the project. This includes detailed design engineering, procurement, construction, installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning, as well as operation and maintenance duties for three photovoltaic (PV) parks situated in the villages of Merisani and Babaita within Babaita commune.

The project, dubbed “THEIA,” encompasses three PV parks with capacities of 242 MWp, 219 MWp, and 247 MWp, respectively, along with their associated electric substations. Furthermore, a fourth lot dedicated to power transmission assets, such as the main transformer station and overhead lines, is also open for bidding. Notably, the solar plants will be connected to the existing 400-kV Slatina-Bucuresti overhead line owned by Romania’s transmission system operator, Transelectrica.

Interested parties have until April 18, 2024, to submit their letters of interest in written form. The contracts to be awarded are expected to span two years, indicating the ambitious timeline for the development of this solar power complex.


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