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Onyx Solar's Photovoltaic Glass at Fuorisalone 2024 Design Week

During the Design Week 2024 in Milan, products and services from the Spanish Onyx Solar will be presented at the Solar Pavilion in via Tortona. Juan-Luis Lechón said in a preview about the applications of photovoltaic glass in architecture that he will talk about on Friday 19 April, considered milestones in the BIPV sector.

Juan-Luis Lechón, Senior Engineer of the company based in Ávila, Spain is one of the guest companies will be present on the Design Week. "We will give two talks on Friday 19 April in which we will talk about Onyx Solar's products and services. We will explain some details of special architectural applications, such as sunshades and facade fins, and skylight applications. We will also show some examples of completed BIPV projects that we consider to be industry milestones, such as the Gioia 22 building in Milan, an office tower of over 120 meters that has reached 850 kWp of installed power on the facade as a spandrel application. Furthermore, we will show some samples of photovoltaic glass and explain to visitors its different architectural solutions in buildings."

"For skylights we work with 130-150 Wp/m2, depending on the required light transmission. For colored ventilated facades we have a wide color range such as white, terracotta, blue and grey, which provide from 90 to 150 Wp/m2. The maximum possible power for opaque applications, such as the ventilated dark photovoltaic glass façade, is approximately 180 Wp/m2. The technological limitation is given by the use of the highest efficiency cells on the market to laminate the photovoltaic glass, with the maximum cell density and optimizing the dimensions of the photovoltaic glass. Normally, an architectural solar PV solution is a unique solution for each project, and power is an important factor to balance with other key factors, such as architectural design, elegant solution and economic issue"

He also mention that, Onyx Solar is very active in ventilated facade applications and curtain wall solutions. Skylights have always been in high demand and Onyx PV glass flooring is also now more in demand. "We are also collaborating on large-scale projects where the integration of photovoltaic glass is taking on an important role in the building envelope, with photovoltaic glass areas of over 5000m2."


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