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Iberdrola receives approval to construct the largest solar farm in the Navarre region

Spanish utility Iberdrola SA has secured approval to install a solar farm with an installed capacity of close to 300 MW in the region of Navarre, northern Spain.

Navarre’s regional government said on Monday that it approves the construction of the plant on its territory, thus concluding the permitting process that required coordination between the Spanish state’s ministry for the ecological transition, which issued the environmental licence, the ministry of industry and other departments.

The project, situated in the municipality of Peralta, will create the largest solar farm in Navarre, according to the region’s government. The construction of the plant and associated infrastructure will require an investment of EUR 207 million (USD 226.5m).

The government declared Peralta the project of regional interest back in May 2021 as the initiative contributes to the Navarre energy plan Horizon 2030 and the region’s development strategy.

The facility will occupy 354 hectares (874.8 acres) of communal plots of land. There, Iberdrola will install 474,330 photovoltaic modules mounted on fixed racks and build a 400 kV line for the evacuation of energy to a substation.

Once operational, the new solar farm will provide around 20 stable jobs for at least 40 years, Navarre's government added.


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